The NewSpace Alliance is a voluntary group of stakeholders across industry, government, and academia, aligned to advocate, collaborate and communicate strategically to grow the New Mexico Space Industry. Alliance member benefits include the following:

  • Receipt of information about the space ecosystem
  • Access to networking and collaboration opportunities with other stakeholders
  • Opportunity to share thoughts and ideas about growing the space industry in New Mexico
  • Listing as a member of the Alliance on the NewSpace New Mexico Website (optional)

Together, we will grow the space industry in New Mexico.  Membership is free.


  • PRIVACY POLICY: NewSpace New Mexico is committed to protecting your privacy.  This privacy statement applies to the Alliance Member Survey.  Data on individuals (i.e. leadership and administrative point of contact names, phone numbers, email addresses) will not be shared or published and will only be used to communicate with Alliance members.  Company/organization names will be listed as Alliance Members on the NewSpace New Mexico website ( upon approval.  The individual company/organizational data collected in this Alliance Membership Survey will not be shared with anyone outside of NewSpace New Mexico. Company/Organizational data will be aggregated for the purposes of establishing baseline information for the space ecosystem in New Mexico.  Only aggregated information will be published on the NewSpace New Mexico website, reports and/or briefings.  If you have questions regarding our privacy policy, please email us at

  • In addition to our privacy policy, NewSpace New Mexico is willing and able to enter into Nondisclosure Agreements (NDAs) with individual companies/organizations as required.  If you would like to do this, please contact us via email at



Advanced Optical Technologies, Inc.
Applied Technology Associates

ARGUS Logistics Group
Blue Residuum Space Alliance
Centaur Space
Descartes Lab
ExoAnalytic Solutions
Greby Space Service

IDEAS Engineering and Technology, LLC
Moonrise, Inc.
Sholtis Engineering & Safety Consulting
Sky Ranch Observatory
SolAero Technologies Corp
Solstar Space Company
SpaceBooster Inc
Space Domain Awareness
Space Nuclear Power Corporation
Tau Technologies
Tecolote Research
TriSept Corporation
Vibrant Corporation
Virgin Galactic
Umbra Lab, Inc.
Universal Technology Company, LLC


Air Force Research Lab- New Mexico

NM Partnership for Math and Science Education
Space Force Association
UNM Small Business Institute


New Mexico Technology Council
New Mexico Trade Alliance
Sacco Connections LLC
SmallSat Alliance




Ambassadors for Spaceport America
Dekker/Perich/Sabatini, Ltd.
Duke City Commercial LLC
EaglePicher Technologies
Earth Space Commerce Advisors, LLC
High Desert Investment Advisors, LLC
Kirtland Partnership Committee
SmartCone USA Inc
Space Systems Services, LLC
STEM Boomerang


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