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NewSpace Ignitor Companies

Meet the Fall 2022 NewSpace Ignitor Companies! 

NewSpace New Mexico is pleased to announce the first group of space companies participating in NewSpace Ignitor. Their novel concepts span space domain awareness, launch services, next-generation power and propulsion, remote sensing and traffic management – all areas identified to strengthen national security and win the new space race.

NM Economic Development logo

Kall Morris

Uses Active Debris Removal technologies to remove uncooperative orbital objects, keeping space clear for all

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Evolution Space

Reimagined existing solid propulsion technology to build the simplest, most rapidly deployable small launch platform in the industry  

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A data science company that provides technology solutions to protect critical infrastructure, equipment, and space systems through AI-driven predictive maintenance

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Provides space-based, high-performing, secure GPS for the automated and augmented world

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Blue Space

Their vision is to protect & safeguard critical space assets by weatherproofing space.  

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Miles Space

Enabling commercial deep space exploration. Their novel approaches led to being awarded a spot on the Artemis mission

New Frontier Aerospace logo

New Frontier Aerospace

Has an inspiring mission to deliver cargo and passengers anywhere on Earth in less than two hours – in a renewably fueled, net carbon neutral, vertical take-off and landing hypersonic aircraft

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o analytics

Offers precision image processing and data fusion expertise to detect space object events while addressing the most complex space domain awareness challenges

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goodman technologies

Designs and manufactures nanocomposite materials for the most extreme environments, allowing customers to achieve their next breakthrough 

Northrup Grumman logo

Exos aerospace

One of three companies in the world with an FAA licensed reusable rocket, enabling customers to skip the waiting line to space while saving them money

Virgin Galactice logo

Modal tech

Aims to improve the confidence in the outcomes of artificial intelligence systems used in space

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proof labs

Protecting space systems from cyber-attacks

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the spaceport company

Builds mobile disaggregated spaceports at sea to greatly expand launch site capacity

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auriga space

On a mission to remove launch bottlenecks by offering customers a frequent and reliable launch cadence to space at a dramatically lower cost

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gorilla link

Enables smart wireless communications to connect satellite constellations

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Specializes in training systems for the U.S. Air Force, DoD and other US government agencies

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Lesath International

Their vision is connecting humanity and space by leading the next generation of space launch vehicles. Our system architecture enables reusable, reliable and ecological launch on demand access to low earth orbit and beyond

Arctos logo

southwest creek engineering

Building the space drive of the future, today